Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplements

Turning age 65 can feel like a confusing and overwhelming time with so many choices and decisions to make concerning Medicare.   It doesn’t have to be – we are here to help!    Longevity Planning can walk you through the maze of Medicare options and work with you to determine which coverage’s are going to be best for you.

One of the wonderful opportunities that turning age 65 presents to you is that you are eligible for Medicare.  Since your Medicare is partially funded through the tax dollars you paid in during your working years, many people actually see their health insurance expenses go down when they turn 65.   Medicare provides a solid basis of coverage for doctor’s visits and hospital stays.  With a Medicare Supplement plan you will have coverage for coinsurance and deductibles that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  You can also enjoy the security of knowing your benefits won’t change, even if your health needs do.

It is important to compare benefits and costs carefully.  We can provide you with side by side plan comparisons to be sure you are getting the coverage that is right for you at the best price.  There is no cost or obligation for meeting with us to review your needs.   We also invite to come to one of our free monthly meetings Understanding the ABC’s of Medicare.  Please see our event calendar for more details.


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