Asset Based

Asset-Based Long-term care insurance

Do you not like the idea of paying premiums every year and not get something back if you don’t need long term care?

Perhaps asset based long term care insurance is right for you.   These policies are also known as hybrid policies.   An asset based long term care policy is designed to help our clients protect their assets by using the security of life insurance to provide long-term care benefits.   An asset-based plan is an insurance product that combines two coverage needs into one financial instrument. It provides you with additional flexibility and an opportunity to increase your ability to leverage risk. It’s like getting ‘two-for-one’; or a way for your insurance to ‘multi-task’.

We represent several top carriers who offer asset based solutions.   Finding which product will work best for you is what we do best.   Each policy has some unique features to consider.  In its simplest terms, an asset-based plan is life insurance or an annuity with long-term care benefits. It’s a way to get more for your money; to protect more with less.  If all goes well and you never need care, you pass money on to your heirs. If not, the insurer advances the death benefit to you to cover long-term-care costs. Another advantage is that benefits are tax-free. And finally, if you change your mind, you can access the cash value of your policy.   Asset based policies can either be purchased with a one-time single premium or annual premiums.

For a personalized comparison between health based and asset based long term care, call or email us today to schedule an appointment.  There is no cost or obligation for meeting with us.  Let our years of experience make your long term care planning process easy, understandable and affordable.

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